August 2, 2022 by Team JATO

Analyze the market from the automotive manufacturer’s perspective

The automotive industry can be challenging and future trends difficult to forecast. That makes the jobs of OES more difficult as key decisions — like how much of a certain part to produce — could cost them huge amounts if it’s not based on sound market research. JATO can help OES analyze the market from the manufacturer’s standpoint, giving them a more complete picture of the market.

Using data to build a picture of the market

Data intelligence gives OES a look into a disassembled version of a car to help them identify basic information about the technical aspects. Not every part and component is relevant to the OES — many technologies are built into the car and cannot be changed (like the transmission). Others, however, are customizable, and customers can switch out parts they don’t like and use ones they prefer. OES can use this intelligence to understand which of these parts are in demand, helping them to make better-informed marketing decisions.

On a broader scale, data information helps OES better gauge trends in the industry, including take rates and even the histories of different parts to understand the trajectory of the demand. The parts history, in particular, is important for marketing purposes because it helps OES better forecast what the demand could be in the future. For example, if a part is still in its early stages of development, it might be much less well-known (and trusted) among consumers, so demand and prices might be lower than anticipated.

However, if the same part has been on the market for a longer period of time and is in a much more mature stage of its development, there could be a higher demand and adoption rate for that part. With demand higher, OES can adjust their prices accordingly and produce a higher volume of those parts.

Quality, relevant and timely data information

JATO gives OES monthly information on the types of products that are performing well on the market. This helps them accurately assess the current situation of the market and forecast which products will continue to be in demand at a future time.

It’s not enough for OES to have the data they need when they need it. That information also needs to be relevant to the market they’re targeting. JATO’s data information provides detailed analysis of the OES’ relevant market, helping them determine exactly how many units they can (and should) supply to their customers.

None of this would work unless the data information at the OES’ disposal was of a high quality. JATO relies on a consistent methodology that prioritizes local market analysis to give OES a bottom-up view of consumer demand. This helps prevent inaccuracies from ballooning into major problems, as can happen in the standard top-down approach that most other automotive intelligence suppliers use.

Get JATO on your side

Armed with timely, relevant and high-quality data intelligence, JATO enables OES to build a management plan that is effective and appropriate for their unique circumstances. More than that, OES can also develop stronger, deeper bonds with the OEM, helping to create longer-lasting and more successful business partnerships.

With almost four decades of industry experience, JATO understands the automotive industry on a deep level. We offer customized solutions to our customers to ensure they’re getting data intelligence that is relevant to their particular needs.

If you’re ready to get started, reach out to our team and let’s start building a comprehensive picture of your market

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