Focus on France: Electric, Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles


The automotive industry is evolving faster than ever. There’s a shift towards green technologies all over the world, driven by both regulation and consumer demand. Sustainable transport is now one of the main objectives for governments and manufacturers, driven in part by legislation to reduce its impact on the environment. Our infrastructure is evolving, and new technologies are emerging. Many key players in the automotive industry are impacted, including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, customers and drivers.

Demand for electric vehicles is growing rapidly around the world, and we are also seeing fast increases in uptake of other greener technologies, such as hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Despite this trend, there is often still a gap between growing awareness of alternative fuel types and the customer’s final decision. Nevertheless, in a few years from now it won’t be surprising to see manufacturers offer an “alternative” version (electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid) of each car they have on the market.

Through this market report, we will look at what happened in the French market in 2015 for alternative fuel types, analysing volumes, market shares, trends and legislation.

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