Focus on Italy: Hybrid Vehicles


The progression of the Italian market for hybrid vehicles is interesting on a number of levels. As well as being an important area of focus for the automotive sector, the success of hybrids also offers insight into the economic and social circumstances of particular countries and regions. The demand for these kind of vehicles is growing rapidly around the world, as a consequence of the increasing interest in greener technologies. Despite this trend, there is often still a gap between growing awareness of alternative fuel types and the customer’s final decision.

Nevertheless, in a few years from now it will not be surprising to see manufacturers offer an “alternative” version (electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid) of each car they have on the market. The data suggests that many car makers are heading towards more diversified powertrain types in order to offer more options to the final consumer.

This report provides an overview of the hybrid market in Italy in terms of volume, distribution and price. It takes into account registrations data for the last five years to show how different makes and models have been performing.

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