As part of the on-going development and investment into JATO’s existing products and services, we are pleased to announce from (4th March), JATO Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 3.2.5 is available for all JATO TCO markets with new enhancements and bug fixes.New Enhancements 

This launch sees a UK specific development aimed at both the UK market and global accounts with an interest in the UK market. In TCO 3.2.5 when the UK market is selected the site will display in miles, miles per gallon and pence per mile instead of kilometres. This is a significant enabler for UK TCO discussions with prospective clients and is an essential part of negotiations with some OEM’s interested in TCO.In addition to this enhancement the Country Calculation Module has been enhanced to enable UK and German taxation rules. The change includes the ability to provide different values for taxation across the different years of an agreement.  As with other Country Calculation Module delivered calculations for taxation, these countries will now deliver a clearer breakdown of annual taxation and registration taxation, using CO2 emissions, weights, and engine size accordingly.

These markets can now be updated and managed directly by support staff and research teams. This represents the continuous investment in the taxation process in TCO which will continue with new markets becoming available through 2015 including Spain and Italy to complete the European big five automotive markets.

Bug Fixes

Customer and support feedback highlighted a problem with the Country Calculation Module when starting a new tax year. Instead of producing an error, taxation will now use the previous year details until new values are entered.

German taxes now round up to the nearest 100cc engine size for taxation purposes. This long standing calculation issue has now been resolved.

Supporting Material

All material can be found in the JATO TCO toolkit on InSite. It now also contains the JATO TCO 3.2.5 release notes for your information.

Thank You!

This launch announcement represents only part of the significant effort made by Technology in collaboration with Product Management in 2015 and demonstrates a real One JATO team spirit. Please join me in recognising Technologies pioneering effort and celebrating their continued success through the rest of the year.

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