In today’s fast-paced automotive market, making the right car buying decision can be like navigating a complex maze. With numerous brands, models, specifications, options, colors, packages, and prices to consider, potential car buyers often find themselves overwhelmed by choices.

JATO’s recent survey of 2,500 future car buyers revealed that 29% of people would research online first when buying a new car. This is where car comparison tools can prove to be essential for securing new and repeat business on automotive websites.

1) Streamlining decision-making process

Imagine a customer is in the market for a hatchback and they’re looking at your brand. There are many things for them to consider – from price points to specification requirements – so having the right information is crucial to support the sales journey.

Using a car comparison tool, they can effortlessly access the facts they need, compare your model offering against direct competitors and evaluate specifications side by side. From engine performance and fuel efficiency to safety features and advanced technology, they will have a comprehensive overview that highlights key advantages and differences.

This information gives customers clarity and helps to simplify the decision-making process.

Showing your customers the key advantages of multiple competing vehicles is easy with JATO’s Carspecs API.

2) Enhancing transparency and trust

Transparency is a cornerstone of modern business practices. By offering a car comparison tool, your brand can demonstrate its commitment to providing potential buyers with an honest and unbiased evaluation of their offerings. This fosters trust and reinforces the brand’s credibility – both crucial factors in building lasting customer relationships, recommendations, and repeat business.

3) Customisation tailored to individual preferences

Car comparison tools go beyond listing features. They allow potential buyers to explore the various options, colours, and packages available for each model. This means that a buyer can seamlessly experiment with different specifications according to their preferences, budget, and what is available in the market today.

According to JATO’s recent research, the top options people like to add if they have remaining budget are safety features (parking sensors, lane assist etc.). Therefore, a car comparison tool that allows customers to compare safety options from multiple brands – from price to capability – can enhance the customer experience.

Offering high levels of customisation and direct access to information gives the car buyer more power, ensuring that the final purchase aligns with their preferences and requirements.

4) Offering a digital first experience

The car buying journey has previously involved extensive research, various dealership visits, and test drives. Today, car comparison tools enable brands and customers to streamline the initial research phase, saving valuable time and energy. Customers browsing your website can now conveniently access all the information they need in one place, making the process more efficient and increasing customer satisfaction.

E&Y research shows that car buyers want a digital-first experience that offers online convenience with accurate information, combined with the reassurance of personal interaction with dealership staff later on.

Empowering Informed Choices

In conclusion, the integration of a car comparison tool on automotive websites is a strategic move that benefits both the consumer and the brand. It simplifies decision-making and empowers buyers to make informed choices by enhancing transparency and trust, offering customisation, and saving time.

In the age of information, this type of tool is a key driver in seamless and satisfying car buying journeys. Car comparison tools set the stage for a harmonious relationship between the buyer and their chosen brand on – and eventually – offline.

JATO’s API data solutions plug seamlessly into your customer-facing website or app to provide the comprehensive and up-to-date vehicle specs needed for online car comparison tools. Get in touch to learn more:


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