Consultant & Analysis Coordinator

 Alexandre Parente

How long have you worked at JATO?

I am a Consultant & Analysis Coordinator based in Paris, France. I’ve joined JATO in April 2012 as an Automotive Data & Market Analyst and gained responsibilities over this past 3 years playing a key role in European Analysis activities as well as international projects for our clients.

What are the main tasks you do in an average day at JATO?

I have a wide range of tasks to cover every day at JATO and my priority is to support sales and clients through the following activities:

  • Deliver signed Analysis & Reporting solutions to our clients
  • Review and answer clients’ questions and requests (by e-mail, phone and meetings)
  • Define business requirements and methodologies
  • Develop new solutions, projects follow-up
  • Provide samples to client/prospects
  • Attend client/prospects meetings and present our solutions
  • Support pricing definition and quotation process with sales

How often do you produce reports? And how are they delivered?

In the past, the production was concentrated around the end of the month, typically from the 15th to end of the month due to data availability reasons (Model Mix, Incentives…), allowing time for new projects, samples, development and follow-up with clients at the beginning of the month. Nowadays, there is increased activity through the whole month and I produce reports almost every day.

The main delivery format remains Excel, all our clients have Microsoft Office installed and they also have the capability to use part of or all the data displayed according to their needs. There are a few reports delivered in pdf or PowerPoint format (most of the time together with Excel sheets) and since last year we present JATO analytics, our premium reporting solution (based on Qlikview software).

It’s important to underline that I look more and more to establish people-based services for our clients, providing insight through these solutions. It does not happen overnight, it’s a long process from data “supplier” to consultancy but the added value on all these deliveries is now more often put on the follow-up and insights.

What is the most difficult part of your role?

The most difficult part is that the trust and confidence placed in me as a person and as a consultant for JATO relies on quality; my analysis is based and also depends on the work of others (Research) and for this reason keeping a high level of trust internally at JATO is key to extend and scatter this confidence towards our clients. I work with virtually all our datasets (with some exceptions, like VIO or TCO data) and potentially all markets.

I could say that my Analysis & Reporting colleagues and I are probably part of the most intense users of JATO data. Therefore, exactly like our clients, I strive for qualitative data and qualitative reports every day, report after report, always focusing on the customer to ensure the highest level of service. Easy to say, hard to achieve. To quote another famous French “Alexandre”: “The merit of all things lies in their difficulty.” – Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers.

What do you like best about your job?

It’s the easiest question! I really appreciate the international environment at JATO, working with colleagues and clients from so many countries, with different cultures, different markets, different strategies, etc. I hold a licence in Geography and a Master’s degree in Geomarketing and Territorial Strategies and I enjoy the contact with others, no matter where they come from, no matter if they sell Tata cars or Ferrari’s. An open mind in an open world, that’s the best about coming every day to JATO’s office.

What is your proudest achievement from working at JATO?

I am very proud of the trust everybody has put in me since I joined the company, from the very first day until today. This has tremendously helped to develop the business here in France but also in Europe, without trust, it wouldn’t have been possible. Looking forward to new adventures, greater achievements are yet to come with JATO!


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Alexandre PARENTE –

Consultant & Analysis Coordinator