As the automotive industry continues with its post-pandemic recovery, many shifts in the market are taking place. The rise in consumers that are leasing vehicles is a key example of a trend that must be grappled with industry-wide if the sector is to be successful in the landscape of today.

‘An industry in flux: Leasing in the automated age’ explores the rise in consumer demand for leasing rather than owning a vehicle, and outlines the market in its current state. It looks at the key reasons behind these recent changes – including factors such as the introduction of new technologies, the rise of online retail, and a consumer that no longer places a priority on owning their own car.

As the leasing industry continues to boom, the report goes on to highlight the process a consumer must undertake for leasing a vehicle currently, and the related pain points the industry is experiencing as a result. It makes clear the critical need for OEMs and leasing companies to bridge the gap between their individual sides of the process in order to make the consumer’s journey frictionless, and achieve both customer retention and success.

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