As part of JATO’s on-going investment and expansion of existing market datasets, we are pleased to confirm the launch of Algeria Source Volumes. This complements the existing JATO Specifications and JATO News data (Launched March 2014) and is the next stage in us working towards a full solution for this market.

The new JATO Source Volumes are sales based, reporting on cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles. Historical data goes back to January 2011 and is sourced from the local manufacturers association.


The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is the largest of the African countries. Its industry is driven by energy exports and it is in the top 10 global table of reserves of natural gas. Algeria has also been a member of the “Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries” (OPEC) since 1969. The Algerian government itself is active in promoting the automotive industry.

Algerian Automotive Market in Context:

The Algerian market is fed largely by vehicles imported from Europe. Recent investments have been made by Renault, who set up a production plant with a current capacity of 25,000 Renault Symbols per year; and Mercedes, who recently opened a small plant and have started building Sprinter-based vehicles. Meanwhile, PSA has announced it will start building its Peugeot 301 and Citroen C-Elysee small sedans and the Peugeot 208 in the country by 2018. VAG, IVECO and Iran’s SAIPA also have plans for inward investment over coming years.

Renault’s investment has resulted in it gaining a leading share (38% including Dacia and Renault Brands) of a market that has declined over recent years from near 350,000 passenger cars sold in 2013 down to around 200,000 units in 2015. Other dominant players include Hyundai/KIA with 19%, PSA with 16% and the VAG Group with 14% market share.

The passenger car market is currently dominated by the small, subcompact and compact segments which count for more than 80% of the total market. However, there are encouraging signs of growth within the SUV/Crossover Segment with market share growing from 5.8% in 2011 to around 10% in 2015.

Recently, the Algerian market has seen some volatility around changes to import duties, tax changes and the tightening of rules around safety equipment fitted to vehicles. These changes are all intended to strengthen the market going forward, but in the short term have resulted in a drop in the number of the vehicles that it’s possible to sell, with stock often left at the port for many months. However, our data provides a fascinating insight into the Algerian automotive industry and is available via JATO V4, JATO Net and our JATO Analysis & Reporting service.

Please Note: the Chinese OEM’s have a small market share within Algeria, but as they currently do not belong to the local manufacturer’’s association we have no reported statistics on them. Our research department is continuing to work with these manufacturers locally and we hope to be able to provide this information to customers in the future.

Datasets JATO offers for Algeria:

  • NEWJATO Source Volumes (Cars & Commercials)
  • JATO Specifications (Cars & Commercials)
  • JATO News

Customers who have access to our Algerian datasets can access this via JATO V4, JATO Net or our JATO Analysis & Reporting service

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