JATO has played a primary role in supporting automotive manufacturer analysis and decision-making for over 30 years. We recognise that in today’s digital world there is a need for more simplicity in the analysis of increasing quantities of complex data.

JATO V4 has been your “analyst’s workbench” of choice for seventeen years and, while it has continuously evolved during that time, we know there are a number of further improvements that will ease your own analytical processes.

In 2015 we started a significant investment programme to develop a new solution and we are delighted to share with you the news that we will be launching JATO V5 in 2016!

JATO V5 will represent the evolution of JATO V4, our flagship product for analysis and benchmarking. It will retain all the current functionality you use but also benefit from the addition of many new enhancements.

The main significant change is that JATO V5 will rely on a new fresh and contemporary look and feel, enriched with highly improved dialogs that will deliver a more intuitive user experience, while still retaining the ability to customise your queries and reports to meet your analysis needs and the needs of your business.

While JATO V5 will be intuitive to use for new users, we realise that it is important it also remains familiar for existing users. The flexibility and the analysis capabilities provided by JATO V4 will remain a key element of the new system and it will of course retain compatibility with your existing solutions and services.

In addition, the core of the system will be rewritten to ensure the compatibility with the latest software technologies and to support also the deployment of the JATO V5 solution in virtual environments.

The journey has started! In the coming months we look forward to sharing more details about JATO V5 as it develops… so keep watching!

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