With each region experiencing a different stage of the global pandemic, it is often difficult to think about life beyond our own borders. As lockdown restrictions are imposed and often extended, it may seem like the impact of COVID-19 is never ending but can tell you that this simply isn’t the case.

In China, the situation is improving each day and where life once felt like an unknown territory, things are beginning to return to normal. As the epidemic spread on a trackable timeline, so too will the recovery and each region should look to prepare for business life in a post-COVID-19 world.

In China, workers in and around the majority of cities are now back to work, replacing personal laptops and online meetings for commuting and office culture. During the few weeks of remote working in China, JATO Dynamics fully leveraged all remote tools, replacing the client support that previously took place onsite. It was our main priority to ensure that customers across the country felt connected and that we were always there for any need they may have, ready to answer all questions and resolve concerns.

While online technology offered a practical solution during social distancing – substituting the commute to client sites for setting up numerous remote users and computer installations – we much prefer visiting our clients onsite and building stronger relationships face to face.

We are happy to say that, with lockdown restrictions lifted, we are back onsite and working with our partners in person. We are just as busy as usual, if not more so, and business life is gradually returning to normal, almost entirely.

That isn’t to say that the automotive industry as a whole hasn’t been impacted by the spread of the global pandemic. Most of our partners in China work in exports and therefore business life does not start and end within our borders. The global economy will be impacted by COVID-19, and we are not playing ignorant to the fact that industry volumes have decreased, with many businesses under new, trying strains. But there are many reasons to be optimistic.

All things, good or bad, must come to an end – and the end, we hope and believe, is certainly insight for COVID-19 in China. The state of the Chinese economy is once again on the incline and we are on the path to recovery. We cannot say how long the road to full revival will take, but we are grateful to have started the journey, nonetheless.

Will business life go back to normal across the globe, after the pandemic? We cannot say. One thing is certain, the world will recover, our industry will recover, and we will be with you every step of the way.