Having been at JATO Dynamics for over twenty years, I have worked with thousands of customers across Europe. Even with many years of experience, it is always in difficult times like these that you truly appreciate how valuable roles in customer service, training and support can be.

At JATO, we have always prided ourselves on our customer-centric approach, providing a high level of service throughout all our products and supporting clients wherever possible. As COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through the automotive industry, it has become clear that customer needs multiply and vary through periods of disruption. Whilst this has presented us with a new and unforeseen challenge, we are upholding our commitment to our partners across all markets.

The biggest impact from COVID-19 has been seen in the need to deliver training online and setting up remote users. Luckily, this isn’t alien to us – we have been delivering online training for over ten years – so we have always been more than happy to spend time helping our customers get up and running from home devices.

This month, our team of eight have spent hours ensuring all customers across Europe can access our services and delivering remote training, from the safety of their own homes. While we miss visiting our customers onsite, online training has offered an effective solution, often proving to be more time efficient and concise.

We know this period is presenting a lot of unknowns for the automotive landscape, which can be troubling for our customers. Therefore, we are looking at ways to help put their minds at ease. Our market experts have been offering tailored webinars to discuss the factors impacting the industry and what it means for communities operating in these markets. This high-level information and insights have demonstrated our dedication to informing our customers about all the issues likely to impact their businesses in the coming months.

There are many things we cannot predict at the moment. But whatever the outcome, we guarantee we will always adapt our services to best suit the needs of our customers. At times like these, communication is essential and, as ever, we are listening closely to the needs of those operating in this new environment.

COVID-19 has disrupted the way we operate in the automotive field, and this new normal is here to stay. While we cannot do much to change that, we can offer consistent support and answer the questions concerning many, regarding the state and outlook of the industry.


The new is now, reach out – let us help.