StaffAfter the success of our last article, we again focus on the ‘day in the life’ of a JATO employee, giving you an insight into the people behind the data at JATO. This issue we speak to Training Specialist for Central Europe, Michael Dücker.

How long have you worked at JATO?
Nearly two years, I started as a Trainer for Germany and since January 2014 I have been responsible for Training in Central Europe.

What are the main tasks you do in an average day at JATO?
The main task of my daily work is to be in touch with our customers and acquire, prepare, and deliver training. Being able to use our solutions correctly and efficiently is crucial to get the right information at the right time – and this is what I aim to achieve in my training sessions. Next to the training I also help our customers to resolve upcoming questions within their daily work regarding our solutions (JATO V4, JATO Net and JATO Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)).

Additionally, I am in regular contact with our sales, support and research teams to get an overview of our customers, their needs and understand our internal data development. Due to this consistent exchange of information, I am also involved in developing and performing business analysis and further reporting for our customers.

How often do you deliver training to customers? Is this usually on site, online etc.?
Looking at all the different types of training JATO offers, I deliver training at least two full days a week to our customers, but at peak times it can be up to every day. Depending on the location of the customer, JATO V4 training is either in our German office in Limburg or on site. As our JATO V4 solution can initially be a challenge to learn due to depth and complexity of analysis it can perform, it needs time for customers to understand all of the functionality, which makes it necessary to deliver training face to face. Next to JATO V4 training sessions, we also offer short online webinars to discuss urgent questions or train specific tools like JATO Net. These sessions are either scheduled by the regional training team or directly discussed with the customer.

What is the most difficult part of your role?
The most difficult part of my job is to match the expectations of our customers. Having multiple people in one session with different levels of knowledge makes it hard to match all the expectations regarding content, level of detail or the duration of the training. This is a challenge I must always strive to meet as it is crucial to show customers how they can get maximum value from our solutions to help make their lives easier.

What do you like best about your job?
There are three things I need to mention. First, the on-going interaction with our customers is very interesting and also helps me to better understand their needs and how they look at their markets. Second, helping customers really simplify their daily work and getting positive direct feedback makes this job special. The last thing that needs to be mentioned is good collaboration with my research, support and sales colleagues, which improves the level of customer satisfaction due to well-tailored and individual training possibilities.

What is your proudest achievement from working at JATO?
Thinking about my achievements, the one I would highlight is the JATO Analysis & Reporting contract we signed with Daimler Germany. With the efforts of my sales and support colleagues, as well as the JATO research team, we were able to get a deep understanding of their analysis needs and we were able to offer them a report tailored to them. This has given us a good opportunity to gain more knowledge in performing analysis for further customers and shows the strengths JATO has in working as a team and creating great solutions for our customers.

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