Without accurate, timely and quality data information, Original Equipment Suppliers (OES) are left without the market analysis they need to make the right decisions about manufacturing and marketing, which could harm them in the long term. Most automotive intelligence suppliers use research methods that fail to capture an accurate image of the market, either focusing too much on the supply side or gathering information on local markets that is out of step with consumer preferences.

JATO equips the OES with the world’s most accurate automotive database, consisting of a wide range of both specifications and volume data to help OES build a comprehensive picture of the market.

High-quality specs and volume data for better market analysis

Many OES and automotive intelligence suppliers focus on the supply side to gather market data. They then use this to paint an inaccurate picture about what the consumer wants, and inadvertently force products on them that they aren’t interested in.

What they don’t realize is that the market is primarily driven by demand and consumer preferences. Focusing on the demand side will help them make smarter and better informed manufacturing and marketing decisions. More than that, many market researchers and OES believe they can simply deploy their teams to local markets and gather relevant market data. The problem is that it’s difficult to develop a deep understanding of the nuances of the foreign market, especially if researchers simply reapply their knowledge of the domestic market. The result is that they draw inaccurate conclusions from the new market. This problem can snowball into a more serious issue when researchers use local market data to build a picture of the global market.

JATO takes a different approach to market research. We have a team of more than 400 researchers that use a single, consistent methodology to gather information on the global automotive market. The information we provide helps OES expand into both global and local markets with little difficulty. When OES partner with JATO, they gain access to a database consisting of both specifications and volume data, giving them all the information they need to make good marketing decisions.

Our specifications data is divided into more than 850 different items, making it one of the most detailed databases in the world. In addition to that, our volume data contains information on every make, model and version sold on the markets of more than 52 different countries. Most importantly, all of our data information is updated and maintained regularly, so OES can be certain they are getting the most up-to-date information on an ever-changing market.

Analyzing the data provided by both the specifications and volume research, OES gain a much more detailed knowledge about the market’s actual potential. This helps them build a more complete overview of the market, which helps them make better informed decisions about which brands and automobile types are currently in demand. They can then tailor their manufacturing and risk management efforts to better meet consumer behavior.

It all starts with JATO

Teaming up with JATO enables OES to build a customized management plan that is effective and appropriate for their unique circumstances. If you’re ready to get started, reach out to our team and let’s start building a comprehensive picture of your market

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