The BMW 8-Series family continues to grow. After the introduction of the convertible version, it is time to make room for families. The BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe is a big family hatchback that joins the already crowded sedan/hatchback line up of the German brand. It replaces the 6-Series Gran Coupe but sits in the luxury segment rather than the executive, just at the same level as the more serious 7-Series.


Its goal is to take sales away from its two main rivals – the Porsche Panamera and Mercedes AMG GT 4-door. The question is whether there is a market for this kind of luxury hatchback? Mercedes would say yes, as its model has seen a lot of success so far. Its global sales in H1 totalled 4,000 units, and Porsche sold 13,000 units of the Panamera. They may be small numbers, but the average price of the units registered in Germany in July were €129,300 for the Mercedes and €126,900 for the Porsche.