In today’s competitive automotive market, customers often enter showrooms without a specific brand in mind. Many rely on dealerships and sales reps to help them compare vehicles and make informed purchasing decisions. As a result, being able to provide useful information and a supportive service can influence sales outcomes.


JATO’s Carspecs API is a solution that enables dealerships to directly compare vehicles from more than 50 brands. Seamlessly integrated into any dealer app, it pulls the most up-to-date data to quickly share key competitors, price points and full specifications of any vehicle.


It can be used both before and during sales conversations to help you improve your internal training (particularly of new staff) and your processes, and fundamentally, increase customer satisfaction.


Streamline preparation for sales meetings

Having up-to-date information readily available offers a time-saving advantage when you have an upcoming appointment with a customer. Carspecs API can make competitor and market research more efficient by identifying similar vehicles, differentiators, key advantages, and cost comparisons.


While some customers might only be interested in one car, others may be considering several options. JATO data makes it easier to have broad market oversight, boosting your expertise during sales conversations. The “Showroom” feature allows for a detailed spec-by-spec comparison, providing customers with transparent and unbiased information to aid their choices.


Empowering Customer Choices: Utilizing JATO's Carspecs API

Example comparison of available options on two similar models using JATO’s Carspecs API


By using this data solution, you can access the most relevant information with ease and streamline meeting preparation.


Get instant and accurate vehicle comparisons

Imagine a new customer interested in buying a new hatchback enters your sales floor, eager to explore various features and technologies offered by different cars. You’ve not had time to prepare, but with Carspecs API you can collect information and get quick comparisons in a matter of seconds.


One of the most beneficial aspects of JATO’s Carspecs API is the ability to analyse “key advantages” between competitor vehicles. Sales reps can easily spot unique features and specifications that set your brand apart from the competition. By accessing this information instantly, you can confidently highlight the strengths of your brand’s vehicles, providing customers with a compelling reason to choose you. 


With information at your fingertips, you can feel confident that you have the accurate information you need to compare vehicles and focus on the unique selling points of your brand when speaking to customers.


The key to sales success 

JATO’s Carspecs API is a valuable tool that empowers your sales team, enhancing their ability to assist customers and close deals with confidence. Whether used for training, pre-research or on-the-spot comparisons, our vehicle data solution equips your business with impartial and comprehensive vehicle data that customers value in their decision-making process. 


Learn more about how you can integrate JATO’s Carspecs API into your dealer app today and unlock the potential for growth and success in the competitive automotive market. 


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