JATO Dynamics has today announced a new partnership agreement with TecAlliance for the use of its Service Maintenance and Repair (SMR) Forecast Data to enhance JATO Dynamics’ Whole Life Cost Solution.

JATO Whole Life Cost (WLC) uses all of the data that contributes to the overall costs for purchasing and operating a vehicle and combines these data sets into a software application that is easy to operate. This means that the overall costs can, in future, be presented in a manner that is even more flexible and detailed than was possible under the previous Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) procedure.

“TecAlliance’s excellent-quality SMR cost forecast data constitutes a key element for WLC and has a lasting effect on our customers’ success,” explains Giovanni Pioli, Director EMEA for JATO Dynamics. “The common aim of this partnership is to provide the best available information at all times, thus enabling our customers to make the best possible decisions for their companies”, Pioli adds.

The data provides vehicle manufacturers, leasing companies, fleet operators and insurance companies with a calculation basis that is reliable and always up-to-date. Vehicle manufacturers use this information for the purpose of competition analysis, and the optimisation of its service and maintenance, cost and pricing.

The common future was finalised in a personal meeting between JATO and TecAlliance, which was held at JATO Dynamics’ headquarters in London. “With this step, our decade-long successful cooperation is now geared towards the current needs of the market and we have jointly created a more flexible basis, which will enable us to react to the market requirements in an optimal manner in future,” Christian Bergmann, Director of Sales Fleet & Leasing at TecAlliance, explains.

From left to right: Christopher Reed – Interim Head of Product, JATO Dynamics; Evangelos Hadjistavrou – Head of Operations, EMEA, JATO Dynamics; Christian Bergmann – Director of Sales Fleet & Leasing, TecAlliance; Giovanni Pioli – Director, EMEA, JATO Dynamics; Roberto Gaspar – Senior Sales Manager, TecAlliance