In the previous release of the JATO Newsletter we introduced you to JATO V5: the evolution of JATO V4, our flagship product for analysis and benchmarking that we will be launching in 2016.

JATO’s main objectives of JATO V5 is to improve the efficiency and productivity for our users through a new fresh and contemporary look and feel, enriched with improved dialogs that will deliver a more intuitive user experience and reduce the need for training. Tutorials and online help will provide you with a tool for using all the functionality to generate detailed analysis and reports.

With JATO V5 creating analysis and baskets of vehicles will be a simple task even for new users, thanks to a new Wizard process for the Vehicle Choose and Query functionality. JATO V5 will be intuitive to use for new users and familiar for existing users, retaining full compatibility with all existing JATO V4 Reports and Analysis.

The deployment of JATO V5 will be simplified for client-server configurations introducing the support for published application solutions such as Terminal Services® and Citrix®, where users can access the application directly on the server without the need to have the JATO V5 installed on your local pc, resulting in reduced rollout and maintenance costs and easier distribution.

The core of the system has been rewritten to ensure the compatibility with the latest release of Microsoft Excel® and Windows®.

Additionally, JATO V5 will include a new Data Update application for a faster and robust update process of all databases. Enhanced scheduling capabilities will provide the highest flexibility in accessing the latest data both for client-server or stand-alone installations.

We will continue to share more details about JATO V5 as it develops… so watch this space!

We always welcome and are keen to receive feedback on our solutions from our customers. If you have had the opportunity to see JATO V5 I would encourage you to share your views by clicking on the link below. If you would like further information or to discuss JATO V5, then please contact your local Account Manager or JATO Support person and they will be happy to share the progress to date with you.

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