There is so much noise surrounding the global pandemic. Which regions are coming out of lockdown? Which governments are enforcing new social distancing measures? What segments of the population are the most susceptible?

As a global supplier of data and insight, hearsay and unsystematic lines of questioning often go against the nature of our work, but that isn’t to say that these types of questions shouldn’t be pursued. In fact, COVID-19 has demonstrated that theorizing and debating are often important steps on the path to delivering insight and facts.

This is why we are engaging with our clients on new ways to ensure that, when the time comes, we can jump back into business as smoothly as possible. In order to do this, we need to guarantee that we are asking the right questions, not simply offering answers gauged from historic data. We do not know exactly how or when the global pandemic will evolve, but we are working hard to understand how we can enable our customers to navigate the new normal when it does.

At JATO Dynamics, we have spent years perfecting our high-quality data and research offering, and while we are proud to deliver this as usual, we are going one step further. In order to navigate the post-COVID-19 world, we are analyzing new and broader insights.

As we come out of lockdown, what safety features are people hoping to see when they get into a ride share? Are there new features that could be installed, new technologies? What will the used car market look like?

There are many unknown market dynamics we need to shed light upon before we can fully understand what the new automotive landscape has instore for us. While we do not have all this information right now, we will be the first to offer a helping-hand to help you gather and analyze the information as it gradually comes in.

Each day, we are proving that our offering is adaptable and tailorable to every client need. It is a difficult time, but we are committed to helping our industry get through this. We are working hard to ensure you hit the ground running as our industry gets back to work.