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A significant challenge faced by dealerships is the time-consuming process of creating data-rich content that resonates with potential car buyers. It requires hours of data pulling, fact-checking, copy crafting (and in many cases, outsourcing). In this time, potential buyers are swiping through other choices from the palms of their hands.  

To tackle this challenge, we’ve created a free AI content generator available within JATO Sales Link, which is a data and insights tool to help dealerships sell more and sell better.  


Our AI content technology can combine market trends with a dealership’s data, providing a level of speed and accessibility that humans simply can’t replicate. It’s integrated with Microsoft Azure OpenAI—the same system powering ChatGPT.  


Customized Data with JATO Sales Link


So why wouldn’t dealerships just use ChatGPT? How is our AI feature different?   


Here are our three key differentiators:


1. Turbocharging content with multiple data sources 

Our AI content generator draws data and insights from multiple sources including: 


Market data within JATO Sales Link: We have millions of consumer transactions across 5 markets (Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany) which means our data is based on vehicle purchases, not feedback from surveys or conversations. It’s a more precise way to see where buyers are spending their money and what truly drives their purchase decisions.   


JATO’s vast database of propriety specs data, which is renowned for its precision and reliability. For the past 40 years, JATO has offered a range of trusted solutions to all aspects of the motor industry from OEMs, to NSCs, and dealerships. It means dealerships can trust in the numbers that drive their decisions, knowing that they’re backed by industry-leading data experts. 


This part’s optional, but we can also pull from a dealership’s data, across all their sites (with their consent) to produce tailored editorial and sales messaging within seconds. This results in content that is not just timely but also specific to a dealership’s stock, customer base, and sales trends. 


When we say “data-driven,” we’re truly living up to that. The types of data that goes into our AI content generator include: 

  • Market trends 
  • Market transactions 
  • Dealership’s data (optional) 
  • Option take rate 
  • Location 
  • Volumes 

JATO Sales Link for Car Specification Analysis


2. Designed exclusively for dealers by a team with dealership backgrounds 

Our core team behind JATO Sales Link includes industry experts who have worked within dealerships hence they’ve ensured our AI feature addresses the specific needs of dealerships using reliable and timely data.  


We’ve made this feature so that dealerships can select from a range of content formats (e.g., news articles, tweets, emails etc.) and tailor the content based on specific call to actions e.g., visiting a showroom, scheduling a test drive, signing up to a dealership’s newsletter and more. 


When creating bi-weekly blogs, dealerships can save approximately 32 hours per month – a lot more for dealerships with a solid content strategy! However, dealerships don’t need a content strategy to get value from our AI. Our AI feature enables dealerships to get vital vehicle information online faster, accelerating the sales process and driving revenue growth.


3. One feature that’s part of a bigger ecosystem for key teams within dealerships 

While our AI content generator stands out as a game-changer for content creators and marketers, it’s just one element of the larger offering within JATO Sales Link. 


Our platform provides a suite of tools and insights tailored to key teams within dealerships, from buyers to pricing analysts to salespeople: 


The buyers in dealerships can use JATO Sales Link to prioritise vehicles that have demonstrated strong performance in the market for faster inventory turnover. They can avoid overstocking on models and trims that are becoming less popular and outdated. 


Pricing analysts can understand which models and trims are in high demand and adjust their pricing strategies to maximise profitability while remaining competitive. 


Salespeople can use the data and insights within the platform to highlight features and trims that are currently in demand to attract more potential buyers. They can know what similar vehicles are selling for to aid in negotiations and to quickly adjust their sales strategy to shifts in consumer demand. 


JATO Sales Link’s AI feature


Benefits of using JATO Sales Link’s AI feature: 

  • Speed and efficiency in content creation 
  • Cost-effectiveness compared to traditional agency services 
  • Timely, data-driven insights for informed decision-making 
  • Adaptability to evolving market trends 
  • Consistency across marketing channels  
  • Scalability to meet growing dealership needs

Ready to experience the future of content creation? 

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