Geneva 2014

Sport cars was the segment to post the highest percentage growth in Europe in H1 2016. Total registrations grew by 31% to 70,000 units of all types of sport cars: small ones, midsize and large/luxury. The segment’s increase was even higher than the one recorded by the SUVs, but still it is a marginal segment in Europe. The news came from the latest arrivals from Ford, Mazda and Fiat. The Mustang, MX-5 and 124 Spider posted a very good semester with the first two amongst the region’s top 5 and threating the leadership of the all-times popular Porsche 911. The Ford muscle car has proven to be a success in Europe because of its price and features (Ford made a special engine for this car in Europe). The case of the Fiat must be addressed in another way due to the fact that it was recently launched. Despite its young age, the 124 Spider has been able to register more than 800 units.