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  • New HiPhi X SUV to kickstart firm’s launch in Europe
  • MG unveils EV sports car
  • Mercedes sales rose 3 per cent in Q1, boosted by EVs, top-end cars
  • PHEV cars with 120 mile range to join Toyota line-up
  • Volkswagen calls for delay in implementation of new EU emissions standards to 2026
  • Ford, Hyundai, GM, VW try to build their way to EV supremacy
  • Electric car write-offs could be more likely due to high cost of battery repairs
  • European car sales are strong, but beware disruptors like interest rates, Tesla
  • Stellantis aims to be European leasing leader with Leasys
  • Lithium shortages threaten Europe’s electric car transition
  • Best-selling cars in Europe so far in 2023
  • JATO’s overview of local markets
    And more….

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