The European automotive market experienced a fascinating year in 2023, with passenger vehicle registrations reaching their highest levels since the pandemic.


In our latest JATO Podcast episode, Felipe Munoz discusses the significance of this recovery and explores various topics, such as the growing presence of Chinese automakers in Europe and the increasing demand for electric vehicles. Julian Rendell from Autocar joins the conversation, offering insights into the UK market and the challenges of shifting to electric cars.


The podcast also delves into the remarkable success of Tesla, particularly with the Model Y becoming Europe’s most popular car. The role of MG, a British brand with Chinese ownership, is examined, highlighting its impressive sales and the potential of other Chinese brands entering the European market.


Lastly, the podcast explores the urgent need for government support and affordable electric vehicles, as well as the future of sports cars in the era of electrification.


In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Europe’s automotive market 2023 landscape
  • New competition emerging in the European market
  • Electric vehicle demand
  • The surprising top-selling car in Europe


Listen to the full episode to gain a comprehensive overview of Europe’s automotive market in 2023 and its ongoing transformation.