The future of mobility is here, and in our latest JATO Podcast episode, Felipe Munoz sits down with Merlin Ouboter, co-founder of Microlino, to delve into the exciting developments shaping the industry.


Discover how this innovative and stylish quadricycle is reshaping urban transportation, catering specifically to the needs of city dwellers. With its compact design and eco-friendly features, the Microlino offers a sustainable solution to navigating congested streets.


Join us as we explore the unique design elements of the Microlino and learn how this vehicle is challenging traditional car ownership by focusing on short-distance trips and providing a range ideal for daily urban commuting.


Classified as a quadricycle, the Microlino boasts a low-speed limit and accessibility to drivers with a motorcycle license. As the demand for electric mobility continues to surge, the Microlino aims to disrupt the market and pave the way for sustainable transportation solutions.


Join us as we explore:

  • Emerging trends shaping the future of mobility
  • The global potential of electric vehicles
  • Strategies for sustainable and efficient transportation solutions
  • The role of innovative startups in driving change

Tune in to this episode to uncover the future of urban mobility and the role the Microlino is playing in revolutionising how we move through our cities.