In this JATO Podcast episode, our host Felipe Munoz is joined by Bill Boston, senior reporter at the Wall Street Journal. Their discussion focuses on the dynamic shifts and challenges in the global auto market of 2023. With the global light vehicle market seeing a 9% increase, totalling 85 million units sold, it's clear that despite geopolitical tensions and financial struggles, the industry is evolving rapidly.


What are the challenges and opportunities for Western automakers facing competition from Chinese brands? How are consumer preferences for digital experiences and electric vehicles reshaping the market? What strategic moves are essential for traditional manufacturers to stay relevant?


Join us as we explore:

  • The latest global market data and growth trends.
  • The impact of geopolitical tensions on the auto industry.
  • Western automakers' struggles against Chinese brands in emerging markets.
  • Consumer preferences shifting towards digital experiences and electric vehicles.
  • The competitive strategies of Chinese brands like BYD and their aggressive global exports.
  • The future of traditional manufacturers like Volkswagen and BMW in the face of these changes.