February 4, 2016 by Felipe Munoz

Toyota rules in the Italian hybrid car market

As part of the recovery of Italian new car market, our recent analysis suggests that hybrid vehicles continue to increase their market share. In 2015 around 1.64% of new car registrations corresponded to a hybrid and most of them came from Toyota and Lexus brands. Hybrids’ market share has grown over the last five years, thanks to the introduction of new vehicles, incentives and improving market conditions. With the introduction of new products, more body types and sizes and the arrival of new brands to this market, the consumers now have more options to choose from.

Toyota Group dominated the hybrid market with 94% of total registrations thanks to its Toyota Yaris, Auris and Prius and its premium Lexus NX midsize SUV. The Japanese car maker has been able to increase its share from 74% in 2011, due to the good results of its Yaris subcompact, whose registrations counted for almost 50% of the group’s hybrids total volume. The Toyota Auris (compact) has also posted an important increase and it has gradually replaced the Prius. Other players outside Toyota include the Honda Insight and in the recent years the Honda Jazz. French brand Citroen make-up part of the market too with the DS5, while Mitsubishi leads in the hybrid SUV segment thanks to its Outlander. In the premium segment, Lexus leads the way with four different models that go from the compact CT up to the midsize sedan IS, passing through the SUVs NX and RX. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, InfinitIT WPi and Land Rover have their own hybrids too.

These kinds of vehicles can find their piece of the market if the car makers keep innovating by launching new models, features and solutions to the consumers. At the end of the day, although consumers are aware of low emission and environmentally friendly technologies, they show interest in such products, and are concerned about climate and health issues, but still do not commit to purchasing them in large numbers.

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