Strategy & Innovation Newsletter | Edition 6 | 2023

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What’s included this month?

  • New Citroen e-C3 to drive down EV costs with £21,000 price target
  • Tesla jumps as GM deal makes its charging network closer to US standard
  • Audi eyes China to accelerate EV, software rollout
  • Hopes launch of new electric car could spark price war in Australia
  • Ford chairman says U.S. is unprepared to compete with China in electric vehicles
  • VW masters dry-coating battery process with potential to slash cell costs
  • Fleets may need product liability insurance for vehicles with ADAS
  • Immersive tech to reshape online vehicle sales
  • Four in five fleet vehicle orders are now EVs says Radius
  • Mild Hybrids Offer Cheap CO2 Cuts As ICE Ban Reality Looms
  • VW Comfortably Leads EV Sales In Europe, Dacia Sandero Crowned April’s Overall Best-Seller
  • JATO’s overview of local markets
    And more….

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