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October 1, 2019

Global leader in Automotive business intelligence opens new office in downtown Detroit

  • Announcement follows a period of growth for JATO Dynamics in North America
  • New office will showcase JATO’s technology solutions
  • Choice of location confirms Motor City’s resurgence as a technology hub


Leading global automotive business intelligence provider JATO will officially open its new office on September 26th, 2019 in downtown Detroit. The location reflects JATO’s recent growth in North America, where the company has seen a 150% increase in its digital offerings in the past three years, with US employee numbers doubling.

“Most of these new roles are technology-based,” said Matt Weiss, President, JATO Dynamics North America. “To support this growth, we intend to establish this office as a center of excellence for our foundation products, and the ongoing development of future technology solutions as well as our sales, research and customer support organizations.”

Among the newest of these products is the locally developed product FLEX, which has driven much of JATO’s recent success in North America and Canada. FLEX is a cloud-based API designed for developers to interface with JATO data through highly relevant intuitive technology solutions. It showcases vehicle specifications and incentives data and is the first of its kind in the US.

“FLEX provides both digital marketers and dealers with a comprehensive view of North American vehicle specifications, pricing and incentives across a wide range of manufacturers. It answers customers’ needs for an all-inclusive solution that is easy to program and easy to integrate,” said JATO Dynamics North America’s Vice President of Technology, Derek Varner. “We’re thrilled to be working with major automotive manufacturers like Toyota and General Motors to ensure developers can integrate our unrivalled data into their applications for a uniquely holistic view of the North American market.”

The team at the new Detroit office at 155 West Congress, Suite 460, Detroit, Michigan will be mostly made up of technology experts along with sales, research and customer support, reflecting not just JATO’s commitment to building on its already comprehensive solutions suite, but also the recent resurgence of the Motor City as a technology hub.  “Detroit is reinventing itself and we are very proud to be part of that,” said Matt Weiss. “The US automotive industry has its roots in this city. It’s no surprise that as the concept of mobility as a service emerges, with its convergence of innovations like autonomous and electric vehicles, connected cars, artificial intelligence and shared mobility services, Detroit is at the forefront of the technology boom that will make it possible,” he continued.

From being one of the wealthiest cities in the world in the 1950s, Detroit experienced a slump that lasted more than four decades – due in part to the decline of automotive manufacturing in the US. However, recent years have seen major investment in the city that brought the world the unforgettable sound of Motown, and Detroit is fast becoming a vibrant centre for the arts and entertainment, tapping into its heritage to create a new energy that is very much in tune with the zeitgeist.

“Detroit is reinventing itself and we are very proud to be part of that,” said Matt Weiss. “We’re seeing huge growth downtown and further afield, with great restaurants, bars and hotels, iconic brands, new buildings going up and landmark sites being refurbished, while many new businesses are also being attracted into the area.

Derek Varner concluded: “We are looking forward to working with some of the highly talented developers and digital experts – both home-grown and those attracted to Detroit by the many opportunities it now offers – to create product development teams which build on the success of our digital solutions and the quality of our data, and enables us to continue to offer unrivalled customer service.”

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